[A new project!] Matt & Roberts Caravan of Carnage


Robert and Matt are pleased to present ‘Bro – The Caravan of Carnage’ A 9 day adventure to the Gold Coast. Please join us online, starting December 21 for regular trip updates, ramblings and jealousy inducing vistas. Planned as a 3 part series, ‘Bro’ is an emotional and thought provoking documentary about the summers most envied bromance.

Thrown together in circumstance during a season of Surf Lifesaving at Bondi beach, the two instantly bonded over mutual love and respect for Bacon, surf and music. Naturally, with little to no planning, they have decided to document for your viewing pleasure a Christmas road trip of epic proportions.

Matt Malcolm is a self-confessed awkward nerd with a background in Baconology. With a striking resemblance to Jenson Button he brings to the journey a blend of obscure humour, a dash of bizarre athleticism and pinch of creativity. He currently believes the food pyramid consists solely of a tiered structure of Bacon.

Robert Cunningham combines an inability to operate motor vehicles with a complete and utter lack of understanding of Australian geography to deliver the perfect, useless road trip companion. His penchant for cardigan sweaters and love of all things covered in cheese are completely irrelevant and, again, contribute absolutely nothing to the trip. He does like the smell of surfboard wax, though, so I guess there’s that…


You can follow us on Tumblr for sporadic updates or individually on Facebook and Twitter.


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