It’s mine and I’ll do what I want with it! [LIFE]

So I’ve neglected my blog for the past ~6 months, yeah I know. But I’ve been busy – Busy taking a break from bloggery and the internet in general. During this time, I’ve found a new hobby of sorts. And it’s me. Yes, I have been my own hobby. So let me explain and because this blog has always been a cache for thoughts and stories of mine it makes the perfect medium. So here goes…

The past months have been all about me – You see, I’ve been going to the gym.

Now previously (Circa 6 months ago) I paid little attention to the gym (or any other physical activity outside of drinking games). You could say my life was preoccupied with all the other little nuances of your typical 22-year-old male. Parties, general debauchery, you know the deal.

I guess it all started when I got back from my last overseas trip.

Thats me working at a summer camp in Pennsylvania, USA. 22 years old, 66kgs, 5″11 – Having never picked up a weight, with a very dough like physique.

When I got back from to NZ from my trip something clicked inside me. Perhaps it happened while I was working with special needs children at my girlfriends summer camp that I got the shove I needed. The campers were always super stoked with everything we did with them – And I guess their positivity despite their situation just gave me a new outlook on my life. It was then that I decided that I wanted to make something more of myself, that I wanted to achieve something.

So I hit F5 on life.

I had always been that scrawny, weedy kid through school and as mentioned before I had never given a gym a second glance.

So I brought a local membership, found some old sneakers and got ready to smash some weights. Fortunately my local gym has some really good staff and they helped tailor a suitable starter routine for me. I can remember my first day so clearly – Thinking I was invincible as I left my first workout. Until the following morning where I distinctly remember limping up stairs and generally withering in pain – Much was to be learned. Words like stretching became regulars in my vocabulary!

As the months went by and my workout changed shape I started working on my nutrition. My girlfriend and I have always been big foodies – We love cooking good food. So it seemed only obvious that I do some research into what I should and shouldn’t be eating. So it turns out that good nutrition goes hand in hand with a good workout plan.

I couldn’t turn into a food-Nazi but understanding what I was putting into my body couldn’t hurt…

6 or so months later I’m sitting here typing this. I have just started a new food plan which involves oats – A strange, tasteless slop of a food. I am quite unsure if this new breakfast will last but I’m determined to give it a shot. Stick around and I’m sure you’ll see an oat’s related post in the near future!

6 months on. 76kgs and less of a doughly like physique.

Peoples reactions have been the hardest thing. For some their reactions have been really positive. Others though seem to scoff at the idea of going to a gym or running or whatever. Perhaps they just don’t understand – It’s not like I’m not trying to look like fucking mister-universe! The physical appearance is only a small part of the deal for me. Failing at something one week, then going back and giving it a try and succeeding the next has been a huge buzz for me. Something that my job and life in general has been missing up to this point.

The continuous mental and physical challenges and self improvement has become strangely addictive.

I’m happy but I’ve still got a long way to go towards my goals. I have also just hit a huge milestone and set two personal bests which have been important to me – Which actually prompted me to write this. Anyway, I guess I just wanted to write an article article for you guys to read, I haven’t forgotten about this blog and I’ll have some more rad shots for you guys soon!

So whether you subscribe to working out or you hate on gym rats, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you do something you makes you feel good and that you enjoy – Life’s too fucking short to care what other people think anyway.

Go do something!


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