1JZ S13

While shooting Hugo’s Toyota AE86 his good friend Max popped by in his 1JZ powered S13.

Starting to look pretty good don’t you think?


6 thoughts on “1JZ S13

  1. Not sure if you know or are able to find out, but how did he mount the S14a jdm wing to the S13 boot. I’ve tried mounting mine but it doesnt sit flush and not sure what materials to use to make it look flush, without paint cracking down the line due to the stiff setup. Anyway you could pass my question on to the owner or have any contact details would be sweet.

    Awesome blog btw.

    • Hey Adam, funny that you ask that but I was actually there when Max was mounting the wing. It all prettymuch lines up with the factory S13 boot wing holes. It just needs the bottom of the wing on each post grinded down to fit flush. A couple of extra holes on from the boot to the front tip of the wing posts would also help it sit a bit more stable too. Hope that helps bro!

      • Thanks for the reply bud.
        Hadnt even considered grinding down the actual wing mounts. Now that you say it, it seems so obvious lol. Thanks for the tip. Will give that a go 🙂

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