It’s Been..

It’s been one year (almost to the day!) since I picked up a camera. And recently I have had a couple of email questions around what gear I use so here it is, in all it’s ugly glory.

Canon 450D known as the Rebel Xsi

18-55mm f3.5-56
55-250mm f4-5.6 IS
50mm f1.8 II

Next on the list is a new body, perhaps a 7D or 5DII, a 70-200mm 2.8 and some decent filters. In terms of cost, all the above kit set me back around $1400 NZD a year ago, so you should be able to pick everything up a tad cheaper now.

Hopefully this answers a few questions, feel free to reply back to this post and I’ll answer what I can.

Happy hunting and remember that “A good photograph is knowing where to stand” – Ansel Adams





8 thoughts on “It’s Been..

  1. Do you think someone with only point & shoot experience could pickup a 450 or 550d & use it effectively, or better to start with something halfway like a NEX?

    • Hey bro, I guess it depends on what you want to use it for. There are some pretty awesome point and shoots out there than definitely have advantages over SLR’s in terms of portability.

  2. did you mean 70-200 f2.8?

    canon user here! 😀

    been looking for a new camera and lens for upgrading around chch but electronics here are quite expensive compared to the price back home in Malaysia.

    would love to learn some skills from you.


  3. to dean up there. if you are serious to proceed in photography, why not? i never had any PnS camera before and str8 jump into dslr. it’s quite hard but practices make me learn faster.

    but i like today’s PnS. some of them even have Av, Tv, and M mode just like we have in DSLR. i like S90 (:

    drop me a message if you are heading down to christchurch. may be we can have an outing? lol. i’m dreaming here.

  4. Hey Dean, I think someone with only point and shoot experience can definitely step up to something like a 450D/550.

    I had never owned a camera before until I picked up my 450D in march this year and I’ve managed to pick up enough knowledge via researching on the net to get by with the functions of an SLR fairly easily.

    The best way of learning is by doing in my opinion, if you want to progress your photography and think picking up a 450D or similar will help you, by all means get one and give it a go!

    Matt, it’s wicked to see the caliber of your photo’s knowing that I’m using the same equipment! Of course its person operating the camera that makes all the difference but still….

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