It’s Been a While – Part 1

It’s been a while!

So I’m sitting in Starbucks on the Avenue of America’s in New York City. Taking deliberate and long sips from a tall Mocha while crappy Reggae music blast’s across the strangely deserted coffee shop. Though don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Reggae, it’s just the current tune is more like pots, pans and garbage cans.

Anyway, I’m trying hard to recall what I’ve actually done over the past two months, so here goes.

About 9 weeks ago I boarded a plane bound for the United States of America. I quit my previous job and had lined up a job as a camp councilor, working at a sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania. Tickets were quickly booked and it wasn’t long before I was caught in the summer heat in the middle of Nowhere’sville PA.

For you people back home you need to understand this before I talk about summer camps. The USA has one long summer break throughout the year, which means working parents need somewhere for their kids to spend the summer. This form’s the general need for a summer camp. Obviously there are other side notes too be mentioned, such as they help the kids grow and develop and blah blah, but that’s the basic foundation.

We kicked off with a basic orientation before the campers arrived. We were run through all the basics of child safety, child psychology, local PA laws, and how to avoid being thrown out of camp among other things. I met all the other councilors from around the world and played lots of those stupid team-building games. What was interesting was the majority of councilors were from the UK with a few hailing from Australia.

In total there was about 130 camp councilors for our camp and I was the only New Zealander representing!

.The camp was broken up into 3 divisions based on age. Div 1 had the youngest, div 2 the middle aged, and div 3 the eldest (13-15 years old). Each bunk was single sex only and had anywhere from 6 to 24 kids in each, with around 5 councilors per bunk.

The campers arrived and what can be described as an industrial bag moving operation when into play. It was insane, these campers had more clothes and stuff for 7 weeks than I had ever owned in my entire life. Mountains of bags needed to be moved and I even saw one 10 year old girl with 64 T-shirts, shit had gone from zero to crazy in no time!

Right that’s the end to Part 1, I’m outta Mocca and there’s this weird old dude sitting next to me making way too much eye contact.

Haha I’m reveling in the NY madness.

2 thoughts on “It’s Been a While – Part 1

    • Haha tell me about it dude. I’ve gotta’ get back into the swing of things, I’ve had 2 months of separation from my camera. It’s been hard but we’re working through it now 😀

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