A31 Action at the Pukekohe Hairpin

A31 Cefiro at Pukekohe Raceway switching in the dying afternoon sun.


6 thoughts on “A31 Action at the Pukekohe Hairpin

      • Oh sweet! Haha met you the other day with Hugo.. Was helping load up the trailer etc.

        Ive been wanting to get into photography like this for a while and just lately been getting prices on each model etc.. Hence me asking! Haha.. Thinking of a 50D.. But do you think the 450 would do the trick to start?

      • Oh hey dude, yeah I’m pretty bad with names but I’m sure i’d remember your face haha… If your after an entry level DSLR a 450D is a pretty good start. Value for money it’s pretty good, with a lot of features from better spec’d Canon’s being included in it and you can pick the body up from Parrallel importers for sub $1000 which is chump change in terms of DSLR’s.

        Have a read on sites like dpreview.com which have awesome reviews on the Canon range.

        If you see me out at the track tap me on the shoulder and I’ll let you have a go with my stuff.

        Hopefully that helps!

  1. Haha Algoods man.

    Yea cheers.. Im looking at the 450D now.. But thinking I may aswel spend the money once and get the 50D.. Just so I dont have to sell the 450 to upgrade.

    Anyways love your pics man… Hoping to get the same sort of results when I get a camera!



    • Cheers Troy, yeah the 50D is definitely a much better camera across the board. Good on you for getting into it, time to get out and start shooting!

      Be sure to hit me up when you’ve got some shots.


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