WRC at Hampton Downs

Here’s a shot of some open wheelers at Hampton Downs.
A bunch of us rolled along to check out the WRC cars that were visiting on Saturday.

And during the day I realised several things:

My camera and lens combination is nothing compared with the other house deposit’s dudes are walking around with.

I need a Canon 7D.

Twincharged Honda Preludes are not invincible on contact with Porches.

WRC press are crazy and just wander the track like midget nomads.

It is important to take photo’s with a “photographer stance”

I need a Canon 7D.

More to come.

5 thoughts on “WRC at Hampton Downs

  1. Haha thats exactly the same thoughts I came away with after yesterday as well, I need a 7D and new lens! The amount of mega budget DSLR setups guys were walking around with was nuts, and they weren’t even media, just guys who must do it as a hobby.

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