Pop & slide. Choice bro!

I shot some of the under 16’s at a skate comp last weekend.

Damn I love this new lens! So crisp, I just need to learn to get closer to the action.

F/1.8 is so dreamy


4 thoughts on “Pop & slide. Choice bro!

  1. Ah cool. Hey, ive got a question for you. I want to buy a new camera but i’m not looking to be Linbergh or anything. What do you reckon about a 450D?

    • Yeah dude, I’m a big fan of mine. It suits what I need perfectly. Something fairly inexpensive (well it is in the range of Canon) and half decent.

      I initally bought it because I wanted a camera for when I go traveling (haha have gotten a bit carried away now…)

      There are 100000000’s of reviews on the internet and the 450D seems to do alright. It’s well built but not super precious $3000 worth of body that you really worry about it.

      For a body that you can pick up sub $1000 you really cant go wrong!

      Your welcome to come give mine a jam sometime. too.

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