S14 + Travel plans

Hi there!

It’s been a couple of days since an update, so here’s another black and white for my already rapidly growing collection. (Ok, ok.. I know it’s not a TRUE black and white.. But yeah, you get the idea!)

I’m shooting a manji day on Friday so expect to see a bunch of fresh new shots with my new lens. Oh, and on a side note, Anna and I have started planning our first trip to Japan!

So if you know of any touristy places, places worth visiting, awesome spots, or even have sweet hookups please be sure to hit us up.

uuuughhhh….  I Can’t wait!


6 thoughts on “S14 + Travel plans

  1. Nice one Matt..
    I’m going to Tokyo in August. Dates TBC but looking at 8th till the 22nd. Should time in nice with D1 at Ebisu and Super GT at Suzuka! When are you thinking of going?

    • Yo dude, that sounds awesome! Me and Anna should be there around the start of September. Let me know when you lock the dates in and if we’re over there around the same time be sure to hit us up!


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