Okay, last one for tonight! Adam’s one eighty

Killer angle from Adam, courtesy of some custom knuckles.

Check out C’s Garage for more info!


4 thoughts on “Okay, last one for tonight! Adam’s one eighty

  1. Pretty good to hit such crisp focus on a fast moving object while shooting wide open ( assuming that the background hasn’t been shopped ). Do you pick a prefocused focal point on the ground and wait for the car to enter it or is your camera AF fast enough to track it inbound ?

    • Hey dude!

      That was pretty much it! I picked a spot on the corner, fired off some test bursts and prayed for the shot 😀

      Did the usual basic sharpening in PS but nothing crazyhorse.

      Getting a new lens soon. 50mm f/1.8 nicknamed the plastic fantastic. Should be perfect at snapping some wide open goodness.

      • Yep, I’ve got the 50mm f/1.8. Excellent bang for buck ! It’s easy to make cheap but good primes. I’ll have to come around and colour balance your monitor at some stage

  2. Sweet! Thanks dude, would definately apperciate it!
    I’d love the 50mm F/1.2 USM or whatever it is (super uber goodness) but $$$! 😦

    I’m quite keen to give portrait photography a bit of a stab too, so a f/1.8 is definately heading in the right direction.

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